Bichon Puppies

Bichon Puppies

Looking for a Puppy? We Must Talk!

We Don’t Talk About Boys

    Oh, Yes We Do!

What to Know About the Sweetest Companion Missing in Your Life

Let’s talk about Boys. Little male puppies to be specific.

You listened to the old, old tales from your grandparents or your mother’s second cousin you barely know. “They” say male dogs are no good because they mark the house with pee and hump anything and everything near them. Let’s be blunt. This is outdated thinking. Neutering Boy Dogs Changes Everything!

A good relationship with your companion pet, male or female, is based on a responsible, loving owner; the dog’s basic personality; extensive training; and especially with male dogs, being Neutered.

Boy puppies get a bad rap because, like all males of all species above a certain age, they’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Intact male dogs are more likely to mark their territory and be aggressive with other dogs because they view others as a potential sexual rival including female dogs. Who knew? These issues can be eliminated with early neutering.

Here’s the straight skinny. And please, check our comments with your favorite vet. They’re on your side.

A great time to neuter a Bichon male puppy is around the 6-month-old mark. Their personalities are fully developed, and the male hormones have barely started to kick in.

Neutering is a common, safe operation, removing the largest source of testosterone in a dog’s body. It reduces the risks of testicular cancer, prostate disease, and other dangerous health conditions. Typically, neutered dogs live longer lives than unneutered.

Neutering reduces sexually driven behaviors including urine marking, mounting of other dogs or people, escaping, and aggression with other dogs. The source of their raging hormones has been eliminated.

They no longer have the desire to breed or the need to defend their girl (even if she's an unknown in the next neighborhood) from other dogs.

What remains is your pup’s special personality, the attraction and love that first bonded you together. Now he’s free to blossom and shine as a special member of your family.

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Read on to see what some of our Happy, Proud, Fur Boy Parents think about their Bichon Boys.

"I’ve always had dogs and at 70 yrs old, I’ve been through a few. I’d always had females until I got my first Bichon in 2000. In 2013, I took home Mickey, a 9-week-old male Bichon. I took both dogs to obedient classes from new puppy to advance classes, including the tricks class. I also had both my male dogs neutered as early as possible. No issues. They both have been my best dogs over my previous female dogs. I love the Bichon, male or female, does not make a difference. It is all in early neutering and training. And a lot of love!"
Beth & Mickey from San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Gypsy Psychic Knows All!

“We are proud parents of two Bichon boys. Both are so special. So smart and so caring. We adopted Max from Patricia in 2021. He is beyond one of the most special boy Bichons we ever had. Our Bichon boys bring our home so much Love and companionship. To keep Max busy, we purchased dog games. Within a few days, Max, just 8 months old, was able to master level 4 of the games. Just an example of how smart he is. He was neutered and trained to potty outside, never a problem. Today he is our fur son, our friend, and our guardian. We could never imagine life without our Bichon boys.”
The Fretz Family, San Diego

“Here’s a latest photo of Sansei, 9 months old, about 10.5# and about 11" tall. We are absolutely in love with our little guy! He is a quick learner, so very curious especially with new experiences. And since recently neutered, he has mellowed out without losing any of his sweet ‘n precious personality. This is our 3rd male Bichon. And all of our boys have been absolutely wonderful!”
Jan and Sansei from Wyoming

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The Gypsy Psychic is NEVER Wrong!
The Universe has Spoken! Christmas Day Puppies are Here!

Born: Dec 25, 2023

Proud Mom and Dad, Chloe and Bixby, are parents of 2 female and 2 male puppies!

Currently accepting deposits for this litter. Call, text or email to get the latest info!

If you live in or visiting the Los Angeles area, once the puppies are at least two weeks old, come by for a visit!

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The Crystal Ball Sees More Love in the Fog...
Possible New Year's Day Puppies!

Be Ready!

Bijou Bichon
Bijou Bichon
Bijou Bichon


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Puppies! Can we talk absolute CUTENESS! Adorable and beautiful… the “mini me” your adult dog will grow into… and you’re along for the entire journey.

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We strongly believe it’s essential for puppies to stay with their mom and litter mates until at least 8-9 weeks.

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It’s a no brainer - Puppies need a controlled, safe environment, with healthy and frequent meals to promote good growth and maturity.

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But it’s the additional time spent with mom and their litter mates where puppies REALLY learn how to be a “DOG-dog” – to growl, wrestle, play, behave, misbehave – and to socialize with humans – to cuddle, to lick a finger or your face - to find a place in this new (to them) human-puppy world.

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It’s important to give them a great head start to being the new member of your family.

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So when a puppy comes to your home, they’re ready to love and be loved.