Shichon Designer Puppies

Shichon Designer Puppies

Shichon Mix Puppies are Really Fun!

These dogs are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, yet their coat is soft as cotton you'll love to run your hands through their fluffy coat.
The color of the coat changes during the first year from puppy to an adult. The darker tones lighten from brown to gold, and the black tones change to purply-silver. Just stunning and adorable!
They are strong, sporty dogs that love to play and rough-house with adults and kids.
They're very smart and easy to train.
They tend to go to sleep during brushing, relaxed and comfy. Stroke their fur for as long as you like.
They love to overdose on love.

Dad is Excited! Babies are Here!

Revised 05/21/22

Watch the speed limit, Dad!
The parents, Sweetie Girl Angel (Mom) and Flowers (Dad), are so excited to send their two little boys off to the races!

Born Oct. 25, 2021 - Ready for their Forever Home!
See PHOTOS BELOW for Adorable Cuteness!
(Left to Right) Charlie (first 2 pix), Little Bear (second 2 pix)

These little guys have the Softest Hair. Brush them and they will literally go to sleep in your lap. They LOVE brushing.

Very playful. They Love to scamper with kids and other dogs.

Available Immediately. Both boys have been neutered and nearly house broken . Call, text or email to get the latest info

If your live in or visiting the Los Angeles area, come by to visit these adorable pups!

CALL us to see LIVE VIDEO of these little rascals! (Who knows what mischief they'll be up to!)

Wouldn't an Adorable Shichon Puppy Make a Great Addition for Your Family?

Milo and Isagani at home
Patches Pups
Milo & Isagani  in Chair


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Puppies! Can we talk absolute CUTENESS! Adorable and beautiful… the “mini me” your adult dog will grow into… and you’re along for the entire journey.

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We strongly believe it’s essential for puppies to stay with their mom and litter mates until at least 8-9 weeks.

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It’s a no brainer - Puppies need a controlled, safe environment, with healthy and frequent meals to promote good growth and maturity.

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But it’s the additional time spent with mom and their litter mates where puppies REALLY learn how to be a “DOG-dog” – to growl, wrestle, play, behave, misbehave – and to socialize with humans – to cuddle, to lick a finger or your face - to find a place in this new (to them) human-puppy world.

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It’s important to give them a great head start to being the new member of your family.

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So when a puppy comes to your home, they’re ready to love and be loved.